Barcelona Beach Club

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Partners, sponsors and friends

The Barcelona Beach Club maintains a close relationship with public institutions and private organizations that guarantee the economic stability and continuity of the project.
The role of sponsors and partners is essential in order to offer the best quality and an increasing volume of new services to our members.


As a sports club we belong to:

Consell Català de l'esport

Federació Catalana de Voleibol



Our Barcelona academy works in partnership with:

Institut Nacional d'Educació Física de Catalunya (INEF)

Ajuntament de Barcelona - Institut BCN Esports (IBE)

Beach Center Barcelona



Our Montgat academy:

Ajuntament de Montgat

Club Maritim de Montgat


Chiringuito Mi Lola



Our main sponsor is:




Collaborators and lovely friends:

Barcelona Skyline

Jorge Dourado. Photographer and production

Quim Torres. Photographer

Wiink Barcelona - Barcelona’s sports clothes

Centre Banque - Health and holistic care

Resport Clinic

About us

The Barcelona Beach Club was born in 2005, inspired by the Californian model of Beach Clubs. Born from a strong beach sports culture, our club blends and compliments the natural coastal resources of Barcelona and its Mediterranean culture and lifestyle.

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21 December 2017
02 November 2017

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