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Welcome to the Barcelona Beach Club

The Barcelona Beach Club was born in 2005, inspired by the Californian model of beach clubs. Our club has adopted and maintained the rich and traditional values of the mediterranean culture here in this natural coastal haven.

The hospitality and passion for life by the sea, combined with our love for beach volleyball, has made it possible throughout all these years, to train youth and adults in our academies from all over the world.

With time, the Barcelona Beach Club has evolved into two different lines of work.

Firstly, we have developed an exclusive training club for members who can individually participate in volleyball courses all year long. This formative program starts with a course of introduction to beach volleyball and is then followed by four higher level courses and a technical training program course. The technical training program is available for members who wish to take this sport to the top level.

Secondly, we deliver one beach volleyball event per year with our corporate partners. Our partners also collaborate as sponsors to our schools and solidarity projects, facilitating the high-quality standard of our programs.

Our Services

Barcelona Beach Volleyball Schools

GetVolley! Barcelona
12 months Adult Academy + Youth and Kids Training Camps

Montgat Beach Volleyball School

GetVolley! Montgat
Adult Academy + Summer Camps

Corporate Groups and Activities

Beach Volleyball activities + Event Management


The Barcelona Beach Club maintains a close relationship with public institutions and private organizations that guarantee the economic stability and continuity of the project. The relationship with sponsors and partners is essential in order to offer the best quality and an increasing volume of new services to our members.

GLS is the main sponsor of the Barcelona Beach Club. This amazing international company helps us to provide a high standard of quality at our events and activities on the beach.

How do I become a member of the Barcelona Beach Club

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About us

The Barcelona Beach Club was born in 2005, inspired by the Californian model of Beach Clubs. Born from a strong beach sports culture, our club blends and compliments the natural coastal resources of Barcelona and its Mediterranean culture and lifestyle.

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02 November 2017

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